Stencil art

Omono is a Dutch based street artist best known for his stencil art.

Unlike many other street artists, Onomo's background is not primarily in the graffiti scene, but he started his career in the heavy metal scene in the late 90s as a draftsman of band logos.

After a lawsuit in 2008, it became public that Onomo was born in Belgium in 1975 and that he has lived in Tegelen in the Netherlands since 2001.

As a street artist, Onomo made a name for himself but never became as famous as peers such as Dot Dot Dot, Mobstr, C125, OBK, Czarnobyl, Nick Walker, Blek le Rat and of course Banksy.

Stencil artworks by Onomo could be seen on walls in Berlin, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Venlo, Eindhoven, Maastricht Antwerp, Paris, Treviso and Milan.

Omono Streetart from hell

Nowadays Onomo rarely places illegal pieces on walls in public space. He mainly works on paper and often uses his more than two decades old stencils.